Welcome to our Blog Page

Here you will find a weekly report on things related to flooring, featured products but also, on occasion, some things related to the community we live and operate in.  

With the support of our clients, designers, builders, real estate agents and friends, we have felt like a part of our community for more than two decades. 

We feel fortunate not to have had to rely on heavy advertising or misleading sales tactics to bring us new customers. It goes against the principles in which we believe a business should conduct itself. 

Honesty, fairness and integrity are what we expect when we exchange our hard earned dollars for goods and services so you shouldn't expect anything less from us. 

Having operated with an old fashioned sense of "take care of your customers and they will take care of you" attitude, however, has made us fall behind when it comes to creating a social media presence in an effort to not only reach new clients but also stay in touch with our old ones. 

If you are an old customer, we want to say thank you for your business and invite you to like our Facebook page. Leave a comment on how we helped you beautify and upgrade your home. 

If you've only just discovered us, we hope you will find this a pleasant first introduction to what we do and who we are.

I hope you visit here regularly and find useful information and maybe some entertainment on occasion.