LVP and LVT - The New Vinyl

LVP and LVT - The New Vinyl

There are several scenarios that can preclude you from being able to have hardwood floors installed. In some cases hardwood is just not a practical surface for the proposed area. If you have potential moisture issues or high traffic then hardwood will not fare well.

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LVP and LVT, the new vinyl

So what are the alternatives if you still want to achieve the look of hardwood? In the past, it’s always been laminate. With it’s extreme scratch resistance, it has been a popular choice for high traffic areas and rooms that have concrete subfloors. Laminate has one drawback however. If there’s a leak from an appliance or outside water intrusion, the pressed fiber core will soak water up like a sponge and distort the plank. So if you know that water or elevated vapor levels are a possibility, the only place left to look is vinyl.

Vinyl has always been synonymous with kitchen floors but as an alternative to wood it left something to be desired. Until now. In the last 5 years a new product hit the scene that has been a big hit for those who wanted the durability of a vinyl with the aesthetics to make it a viable alternative to hardwood. This is LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank). LVP isn’t exactly new but in recent years it’s become very realistic and available as a floating floor. As a floating option it alleviates a lot of subfloor issues that typically require demolition of the existing surface and/or floor prep. It also features a composite core that is waterproof. LVP installs just like a laminate so it’s a great choice for do it yourselfers and in a lot of cases it has a cork backing attached so no need to fuss with a separate underlayment.

If tile is what you’re after but don’t like the cold, hard feel or the expense of ceramic and stone then LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) is a great alternative. Prices are in line with low to high grade laminates and lower than most common hardwood choices.

So if you’ve been wanting hardwood but have subfloor conditions that disqualify laminate or hardwood as options, look to LVP.

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