Carpet Piles & Samples
Carpet Samples

Choosing the right carpet type can be confusing. With so many fiber and pile types, it's difficult to know the differences between them. 

Our staff will help you root through the confusion and point you in the right direction. Rest assured that not only will you end up with the right product, but also with the most cost effective choice. Keep in mind that padding is the most important part of the equation, but we make this very simple. We don't throw ten choices of cushion at you. Every one of our carpet installations includes a pad that exceeds all manufacturer's recommendations at no extra charge.

Carpeting your office or retail store? Tired of that fraying berber under your desk at work? Ask us about zipper lock or unitary back commercial level loop to make you look good at work and keep your CFO happy with many budget friendly options.

Fiber technology has come a long way over the last decade. Did you know that many carpets now come with a lifetime stain warranty? Find the latest in fine textiles or the most value driven builder grade. Let us guide you to the most appropriate option given your application.